We’re Pregnant!

WE’RE PREGNANT! I still feel weird saying that out loud… it hasn’t fully sunk in yet.

I found out I was pregnant when I was just shy of 4 weeks and right before our big trip to Maui where I was 100% planning on indulging in all the fresh seafood, umbrella drinks and fun activities on the island- WRONG.

And because taking FOUR at home tests was not confirmation enough, we had my OB confirm our pregnancy and left for vacation a just few days later. I had the task of playing it up on social media like I was still drinking and having the time of my life on vacation so no one thought anything was different… we wanted to tell everyone once we were further along and home from vacation. Apparently I did not do a good enough job because my mom says she instantly knew when I wasn’t sharing as many cocktails as I normally would on Snapchat… that’s what I get for drinking and snapping too much I guess. 

Maui is ironically the most perfect spot for a baby moon and we were so happy to find that out once we were there. Every single restaurant has a ‘mocktail’ section which I’ve never seen before on any other menu… they must expect a lot of pregnant ladies. I never once felt left out or like I couldn’t join in on the tiki party. Joe obviously had no problem drinking for two- such a supportive husband! 

The hardest part was not eating all the fresh seafood that my heart desired. Maui has the best freshly caught fish and every time Joe ordered ahi tuna I died a little (a lot) on the inside. Remind me to go back to Maui when I’m not pregnant so I can fully indulge please #treatyourself 

We found this awesome pumpkin patch in Maui called Kula Country Farms in Upcountry and it overlooked basically all of the island. What a picture perfect spot for our first expectant baby photo!

Once we got home we told our families our big news and had a mini photoshoot with our boys, Loki & Carl. You try getting two dogs AND two people to be on point in every photo- not an easy task but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As you can see, Loki is THRILLED with our news. We are so so so excited to share our pregnancy announcement!! We’re due June 18th & we could not be happier to bring our healthy baby boy into the world! Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates!

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