Little Venice & Mykonos Town

Welcome back to Mykonos! Now that we’ve discussed the beach clubs and what not to do (trusting strangers to get you back to town on their ATV rentals on dirt roads with no street lights) let’s discuss Mykonos Town!

In order to get to Mykonos Town we had to take a bus which thankfully stopped 5 minutes away from our Airbnb. There is supposedly a bus schedule but we noticed it came when it felt like it- usually 20 minutes after the “scheduled time.” Our bus stop was next to a cafe so we drank quite a few cappuccinos while waiting around. Mykonos Town has all the restaurants, bars, shopping and waterfront views.

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the old windmills on the coast. This area is called Little Venice and it was so beautiful. Don’t skip out on exploring the windmills! They were so cool plus the views of Mykonos were priceless.

Joe & I were total suckers and paid 5 euros to take a photo with a donkey named Maria in front of the windmills because that donkey needs to eat and we were going to support her. Don’t worry- the photo is on our fridge!

If you thought the views were beautiful during the day make sure you get a chance to check it out at night too. It was insanely windy but so calm at the same time. 

We ate at some amazing restaurants in town. It seems like you can’t go wrong with any restaurant you walk in to. Once again, try the tzatziki dip. It’s NOT just a sauce that goes on your gyros.

From Mykonos we took a high speed ferry to Santorini which is hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. I know I’ve said that before but this time I mean it… My post on Santorini will be out soon!

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