Athens, Greece

How many times can I start a post with “it’s been a while”…? Apparently the limit does not exist with me. Anyways- WE BACK!

At the end of April into early May I went on a vacation to Greece with my husband, my best friend & her husband. Traveling with another couple was probably the best idea ever. Not sure how we haven’t done that before?! I hope Joe & I aren’t bored without them on our upcoming vacation haha

We started the trip in London flying standby on my airline benefits and then purchased tickets with miles from London to Athens which is about a 3 hour flight. We got to the Athens airport at noon & took a cab to our Airbnb in the Plaka neighborhood. If you’re going to Athens I HIGHLY SUGGEST staying in Plaka as you are only a 10 minute walk to the Acropolis AND Plaka is the best neighborhood for shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife. You literally cannot go wrong in the Plaka neighborhood. Our Airbnb was great and super affordable. I can’t say I enjoyed climbing up and down 120 marble stairs but the rooftop views of the Acropolis were so worth it.

In case you were wondering “Is that the Acropolis? I thought it was called the Parthenon?” YEAH ME TOO. The Acropolis is the name for the massive mount in the middle of Athens in which the Parthenon sits atop of along with 2 other temples. Now that that’s cleared up- we walked the short distance from our Airbnb to the Acropolis and somehow managed to get lost along the way. I have never enjoyed being lost more because the roads we were on were insanely gorgeous and I almost forgot where we were going in the first place. These streets were literally on the side of the Acropolis but we didn’t realize you had to enter at a certain point and pay (obviously) so we kept walking around the mount to find the entry point and kept stumbling upon these beautiful views.

Walking up the Acropolis wasn’t too bad. I don’t think you NEED to wear gym shoes because we survived just fine in our sandals. The views of Athens were AMAZING from the top. The 3 temples (Parthenon, temple of Athena Nike and Erechtheum) were unreal. To see these ancient structures up close was truly mind blowing. I don’t know how the heck they built these temples back in the day but wow they did not disappoint. And we obviously can only see the ruins. Imagine the real deal. Fun fact: Joe & I took a Greek mythology course together back in college so we loved seeing all the ruins we learned about.

We had a delicious dinner that was near the entrance to the Acropolis. GUYS. Tzatziki in the states is 1000% different from tzatziki in Greece. In Greece it’s a dip and here it’s just a sauce you put on your gyros… I like their version better.

The next morning we took the high speed ferry to Mykonos for a few days and then to Santorini (more on these islands later) and ended up back in Athens on our final day. Our main mission for the final day was to check out the Olympic stadium and on our way there we walked through the National Gardens.

A short walk later and we made it to the Panathenaic Stadium which is the only stadium in the world to be made entirely of marble… basic white girls (like myself) would kill for that shit! It was used for the Olympics in 2004 and they have every single Olympic torch in their museum!

After our day of tourist activities we made it back to Plaka and went to one of the few places on Joe’s must-see list: Bretto’s. Bretto’s is Athen’s oldest distillery and the second oldest bar in Europe (according to Trip Advisor.) This is a very cool bar but also very crowded. It took us a while to snag a proper spot to sit but once we did one of the owners kept bringing us different spirits to taste test. Side note: I am NOT a fan of ouzo.

For some reason everyone told me Athens would be disappointing and I would not want to spend any time there. Well they were all wrong! I loved Athens. I don’t think you need more than 2-3 days there at most but it is a very lively city with some fascinating history. They have a great nightlife and some really great street food… I’m looking at you Street Souvlaki which we had twice (drunk) on our last day.

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