Winter Wonderland Honeymoon in Switzerland

When you think of your dream honeymoon what do you think of? White sandy beaches? Sipping daiquiris while watching the sunset? Island hopping on a private boat tour? I envisioned all these things too…. until I realized Joe & I have already gone on these typical honeymoon-like vacations thanks to my job as a flight attendant.

All these reasons and more led us to selecting probably the most random honeymoon location ever… SWITZERLAND!!

Let me start of by saying that Switzerland is hands down the most beautiful country I’ve ever experienced. I’ve explored my fair share of different countries and all have been gorgeous, however, Switzerland completely surpassed my expectations. We stayed in 4 cities and each one had a totally different culture, language, cuisine, landscape, etc. They all varied so much!

Switzerland is a relatively small country- driving from two of the farther ends of the country (Zermatt to Zurich) took only about 4 hours. I’d love to know what other counties of this size can you find snowcapped mountains, Caribbean island views, bustling cities AND 5 star ski resorts all within a few hours-worth of driving?! Initially I thought about taking the trains all over the country butttt driving just seemed easier so we rented a car from the Enterprise desk at the ZRH airport. Driving in Switzerland was very easy minus all the roundabouts- but once you’re used to those it’s just like driving in America.

Switzerland truly has it all. It was so interesting experiencing different languages and cuisines in each city. Lucerne’s main language is German and the menus reflected that… lots of venison, veal and fondue. Staying in Lugano is just like being in Italy which is about a 30 minute drive away. We had some amazing Italian food and did not hear a word in German. Zermatt is pretty eclectic with a mix of German, Italian and French. Zurich is a big bustling city with mostly German influence… it reminded me a lot of London or Paris.

We were in Switzerland during their off-season. We learned ski season doesn’t even start in Zermatt until just after Christmas and goes until March. We spent one night in Lucerne, one night in Lugano, two nights in Zermatt and finally one night in Zurich before heading home. I reckon we spent the best amount of time in each city considering it was not peak season therefore less to do. Having any more than one day in each city we would have felt like “So.. now what?” I absolutely plan on visiting again during the summer months when we can do more outdoor activities like hiking, biking, paragliding, helicopter tours, boating, etc.

The next post will be all about the first city we explored: Lucerne! We went all out on our hotel in Lucerne because it’s our honeymoon so why not?! I’m talking jacuzzi on our own private terrace overlooking the city, the lake and Mt. Pilatus! Total P. Diddy moment popping a bottle of champs in our private jacuzzi. Stay tuned!

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