Festive AF

It’s not even December 1st but the Christmas decor in our house is LIT… that was a lame pun but I had to do it. Bad joke aside, I was a little too excited to get rid of my beloved fall decor to purchase some Christmas knickknacks. If you did not know, this is our first home together so we had a lottttt to buy. And it’s all Loki approved.

Our Christmas tree and all the ornaments are from Michael’s which we got on sale cause if you buy anything full price at Michael’s you’re a fool.

We have a ton of wedding decor that we’re in the process of selling but one item we are obviously keeping is our cake topper from Etsy. I wasn’t sure what to do with it but it makes an adorable Christmas tree ornament! Any suggestions on how to keep using it after this?

I’ve also repurposed our wedding table runners and center pieces- the black lanterns. The gold candle stand is from Michael’s and the silver is from Home Goods.

These 3 trees are from Home Goods- shocker.

How beautiful is this center piece and wreath? I’m obsessed! I clearly love mixing silvers, golds and coppers along with different textures which I try to incorporate year round. Both of these are also from Home Goods!

Shout out to my bestie Julie for the festive coasters and tea towel!

I’ll let you guess which stocking is Loki’s… hint: it looks just like him. Obviously he has the largest stocking because he’s the only one getting gifts this year!

Loki is super excited for his first Christmas… he destroyed that candy cane toy within an hour.

Hope y’all enjoyed seeing some of the Christmas decor items we purchased! What’s your favorite? Honestly I don’t think I’m done buying decorations but I’m giving my wallet a break for a few days.

Stay tuned for the start of the honeymoon posts coming soon!

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