Kitchen Goals

The first room we focused on in our new home is the kitchen. Our kitchen is crisp and clean with white cabinets and a light colored granite… GOALS! This kitchen is genuinely the reason we bought this house over other models on the market.

We initially purchased a circular kitchen table by Magnolia Homes, aka my girl crush Joanna Gaines; however, shortly after we found a long rectangular wood table at Ikea (I know, I know… but it’s seriously such good quality you wouldn’t even know it’s Ikea!) Our table is made for 6 people which is perfect for having our families over for dinner, date night with other couples or just looking cute when it’s the two of us eating breakfast together. The table sits perfectly in the space and looking back on it I’m so happy we cancelled the circular Magnolia table which was more than double the price. The chairs we purchased are here. The table extends (as shown in the photos) and fits 6 perfectly but you can definitely fit a few more folding chairs around the table if necessary which is great for entertaining.

One of my favorite parts of our kitchen is the big island which we tend to eat at more than the kitchen table. Our bar stools are one of my favorite pieces and we bought them from Target. I was very determined to have studded linen chairs and we searched high and low for this style but nowhere could compare to Target’s price. Friendly tip: measure everything before you go to the store to purchase. We must have gone to 2 different Targets about 5 times in one day returning and exchanging and measuring.

The cake stand on the island is from Home Goods and I like to have fresh flowers, a candle and current knickknacks on it. Eventually I’ll bake (buy) a cake for it but for an everyday purpose this does just fine.

Our lights! Jesus, Mary and Joseph let me tell you about our light fixtures. SO gorgeous but so so brutal to install. I can’t take all/any of the credit here but I felt the pain of Joe and his Dad installing these puppies. The island pendant lights were complicated only when it came to cutting the wires and making them the same height.

The light fixture over the kitchen table was a hassle because that thing weighs about 40 lbs so we had to take turns holding it above our heads while standing on ladders/the table while Joe’s Dad did the wiring… not a fast process!

Sidenote: your place mats may say they’re machine washable but they don’t come out as nice as they went in.

Another selling point for me was the gorgeous glass display cabinets. This area has become Joe’s pride and joy with all his rum, borrowed bar cups (sorry Soggy Dollar Bar) and knickknacks.

Probably the most important corner of my kitchen is where our Keurig sits. Coffee runs through my veins so having a top notch Keurig was a big priority for us. We were using an old Keurig I got Joe for Christmas 7 years ago until my aunt kindly gave us a bridal shower gift early and got us this aesthetically pleasing Keurig off our registry. And of course being as basic as I am, gotta have Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook displayed. Her cookbook 100% contradicts my plant-powered books on the ledge but yolo. Speaking of basic- do you love my marble napkin holder? Don’t worry there’s also a marble paper towel stand on our registry too.

I bought these hilariously true oven mitts from a store in Chicago.

These are pretty much all the important goodies in my kitchen. Which piece is your favorite? Are you as aesthetically pleased with a crisp white kitchen as I am… just me?

Stay tuned for my next post about the second room we focused on- our front room. If you’re from Chicago like us then in your head you read that as frunchroom.


  1. Jean Blake
    April 20, 2017 / 12:02 pm

    It all looks so lovely. I love that you’re so optimistic with everything you do, as you should be. You make me smile. ❤️
    Jean (your other mother)

    • laurensworldtour
      April 21, 2017 / 10:21 am

      You’re so sweet Jean! Thanks mama!

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