For those of you not from Chicago and have no idea what a frunchroom is- it’s like your living room space… but in the front of your house. It’s actually a front room but we shorten literally everything for an easier way of life here; therefore, it’s pronounced frunchroom. Chicago slang aside, this happens to be the second area in our house that we focused on furnishing and decorating.

Days after we signed the papers and knew in a few short months we would officially be homeowners, we began the hunt for the perfect couch. Our layout is pretty straight forward and there’s only one space that made sense for the couch, which we knew needed to be a larger L-shaped sectional. After trudging through all the furniture stores within an hour and a half radius we finally popped into Darvin Furnitue. We actually stopped in here with the intent of checking another store off our list of failed couch attempts just moments after the grueling task of completing our bridal shower registry… sorry to do that to you Joe- you were a trooper.

We had to custom order our sectional due to needing to flip the layout from the opposite of the floor model to accommodate our space. It took one long month of us sitting on the floor in the frunchroom to get our couch delivered and set up. I went into this thinking I wanted a dark gray tufted couch but here we are- everything I thought I wanted changed the second I actually starting looking for furniture.

The coffee table is our most recent addition. We tried to go as long as possible without having to purchase one but when constantly holding your coffee on the couch and no where to prop your feet up got old- we realized we didn’t have to look any further than the display for our couch at Darvin Furniture which had this exact set up. That was a no-brainer.

How cool is our entertainment center? That piece is from Home Goods. We saw a few different colors/wood stains of this bad boy but I think the one we chose goes best with everything. I like that it brings an industrial element to the space. The left door slides open to reveal our glamorous sound system and BluRay player.

The faux tree is also from Home Goods. I knew I needed some greenery in here but I am not one to keep a large plant alive- sorry Mom, not my thang. Our bench is from Marhsall’s. I’ve never bought anything from Marshall’s let alone step foot in one in my life; however, we gave it a go and I’m happy we did!

The basket is, shocker, from Home Goods. It’s honestly there to cover up the electrical outlet but it works perfectly to hold all our blankies.

The bookshelf is from Ikea and it was built entirely by yours truly. Stay tuned for a full blog post about what’s on my bookshelf within the next few days!

I think I’m always going to be on the hunt for little knickknacks for on top of the entertainment center. For now I have a few travel books, faux plants from Ikea and a scent diffuser thingy.

The last and final thing we need is an art piece for above the couch. The wall seems pretty big and too naked for me. It’s actually driving me crazy not having anything on that wall but I’m doing my best not to rush the process because I know I’ll find the right piece in time. Ideally, I’d love a piece by one of my favorite photographers, Gray Malin. Joe & I are really into relaxing beach vacations so I’m thinking a big aerial beach shot would be perfect for the wall.

What’s your favorite part of my frunchroom? Any suggestions on what type of art piece we should have above our couch, or are you in agreement that we should start saving for a Gray Malin piece? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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