Bling Ring

Yes I am a control freak and I designed my own engagement ring. I’ll just start by saying that. Of course Joe would have picked out a gorgeous ring and I know I would not have been disappointed with the ring he chose for me; however, I wanted something different and something that wasn’t even available at the jewelers. Disclaimer: I am NOT a hand model. 


Initially I assumed I wanted the halo cut diamond ring that’s taking over Pinterest nowadays. You know the exact ring I’m talking about… everyone has it. But once I started fully researching engagement rings I realized I wanted something that no one else had- which is why I designed my ring with the help of our family jewelers, Fey & Co. They’re located in Lincoln Park and Naperville (just outside of Chicago).

After researching stones and styles I came across the morganite stone, which is named for financier J.P. Morgan. Super romantic meaning, I know. Morganite is only found in Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar and Afghanistan. It’s a gorgeous blush pink stone that looks like a pink diamond. My jewelers didn’t even have the stone in they had to order it in various sizes so we could all see it in person for the first time.

One thing I am painfully aware of is that I am pale AF. This means gold doesn’t look particularly good on me and silver is just kinda boring. I wanted my ring to stand out, which brought me to rose gold. Rose gold has become extremely popular within the last few years and is slowly making its way to the engagement ring front. My rose gold band is thin leaving room for a similar wedding band… or 2 cause I’m OCD and love symmetry.

My morganite stone is just under 2 carats and it took the jewelers about a month to make once the stone arrived. Morganite is very easy to keep clean- I run it under warm water with a bit of dish soap and an old toothbrush. I make sure to take the ring off before putting lotion on my hands because I’ve noticed that lotion will make the stone cloudy. Other than that the sparkle is easy to maintain.

I do 100% feel like a narcissistic hand model but we’ll all get over it. I’m in love with my unique engagement ring and I can’t wait to pick out a wedding band that compliments it. Do you think I should get a thin band that’s the same style or something a little different like a braided design? Let me know your thoughts!

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