Virgin Gorda Baths

Our first official stop on our British Virgin Islands tour with Bad Kitty was to The Baths of Virgin Gorda.

The crew informed us that on a calm day they can typically swim in but since the water was a little choppy we docked, took an open-air taxi, then hiked 15 minutes to The Baths.

The Baths are a geological formation that looks like you’re exploring the moon.

We walked through the massive boulders and at times the path was a bit small and potentially scary. The water was knee deep at some points and because of that I did not bring my camera, only my GoPro; unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice.

Our guide explained that people used to believe the water and the ash on the ground contain anti-aging and healing properties. Therefore, people used to bathe here every day, hence, The Baths.

There are stairs and ropes to help you climb through small, tight passages.

One of my favorite spots in The Baths is called the cathedral room which our guide told us hosts choir groups because the acoustics are perfect.

Every turn leads you into another beautiful corridor with views of the ocean.

At the end of your walk through The Baths you end up on a gorgeous beach.

We’ve been told you can do some amazing snorkeling here; however, with the water being as choppy as it was we weren’t able to snorkel. I 100% plan on returning to Virgin Gorda to explore more of the island and make my way through The Baths again, this time with my camera and hopefully on a smooth day.

If you’re looking for a BVI island hopping trip make sure to contact the crew at Bad Kitty for an awesome day on the water.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube video which features some highlights from The Baths as well!

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