Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

If there’s one thing I can tell you about me, it’s that I love wine. Red wine, white wine, pink wine… I’ll drink it all. So when it came to asking my friends to be bridesmaids I knew it had to be wine-related.

I’ve worked with a company on Etsy called Label With Love several times before so choosing them to complete my bridesmaid gift idea was a no-brainer. Previously I’ve had labels made for my cousin and my friend (both of whom are now my bridesmaid and matron of honor) for their bridal showers.

One of the best parts of this Etsy store is that you can select from so many different label designs, sizes, sayings and quantities. There are labels for literally any occasion you can think of! I purchased 7 gorgeous personalized wine labels to attach to pretty pink bottles of wine to ask my friends if they’d be my bridesmaids.

How beautiful are these labels?! They are such a fun gift and they’re perfect to display at home. It’s a super easy process to apply the labels too… you just remove the original label (depending on the label you may need a razor blade and some GooBeGone so the surface is smooth) and then attach the new label! If you make a mistake you can peel it right off no problem. They’re literally fool-proof.

If you’re in the market for a cute gift idea, I highly recommend using Label With Love on Etsy!

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