One of the best parts of flying for a career is when you have a layover in a great location rather than spending your time in a hotel next to the airport. On my most recent trip, my hotel was located in downtown LA smack dab in the middle of all the action. I’ve spent so much time around the Los Angeles area but never really explored too much of DTLA. Thankfully I have a bestie who lives in San Diego and she was able to make the drive to hang out with me for the day (another amazing part of my job- hanging out with my sweet friends all over the world!)

We started off at Verve Coffee Roasters. I ordered an LA priced latté and Nutella pastry- thankfully it did not disappoint. The photographic greenery wall we sat in front of made the overpriced breakfast more doable in my book.

From there we wandered to the Instagram famous Colette Miller angel wings wall. I’m sure you’ve scrolled through photos on your timeline and saw someone standing in front of the colorful angel wings… Me too, which is why it was my mission to find! LA has a ton of wall art- think Chicago graffiti but ten times more picturesque. The first 2 we spotted were on the side of the Regent Theater. One set of wings was blocked by big black planters (which I could not move and yes I tried!) We took some cool photos and then moved across the street to a hip multicolor wall.

For lunch we went to a visually charming restaurant- Botega Louie. I’ve popped in before to grab some beautiful macaroons but never had the time to grab a full meal. We split a pizza which was delicious but side note: don’t you hate when you read the description of a meal and then it comes with ingredients that weren’t listed in the first place!? The pizza was delicious but had more on it then what I envisioned.

Needing to walk off our meal we explored the Santee Alley. This reminded me of a more organized Canal Street in NYC. Lots of vendors selling knockoff Kylie Lip Kits, colorful fabrics,  quinceanera gowns and garments. It’s worth exploring if you’re interested in getting some steps in on your Fitbit but I can’t say anything is really worth buying.

Later in the day whilst wandering back to my hotel we stumbled upon another set of Colette Miller angel wings which made for great photos.

Before working my redeye flight back to Chicago, I picked up a bowl from Hoke Poke which is just like Chipotle but with fresh seafood. VERY good & made for two meals- perfect for my snack mid-flight.

All in all, DTLA is a great part of Los Angeles to explore but I do think I prefer the West Hollywood area. Next time I find myself with a long layover downtown I plan on finding more of the wall art and grabbbing another coffee at Verve!

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