Bachelorette Weekend in Nashville

Nashville is hands-down one of my favorite cities and I was beyond excited when my cousin told me she wanted to road trip there for her bachelorette weekend. Nashville over 4th of July weekend- AMERICA!

Cheers Bitches


We stayed in the most picturesque Airbnb rental home which was located in The Nations neighborhood- about 10 minutes from Broadway. The home could not have been any more perfect for the 9 of us. Everyone had a comfy bed and we weren’t totally on top of each other like we would have been if we stayed in a hotel.

Broadway is a must-do in Nashville.. even if you’ve been to the city a hundred times it’s always fun to make a stop on Broadway for some live entertainment. Every single bar has live music at all hours of the day and night. Some of my favorite bars are Honky Tonk Central, Tootsie’s and The Stage. Don’t worry if you don’t like country music because these bands will play anything! We generously tipped one band to play “Scotty Doesn’t Know” from the movie Eurotrip because the bride’s fiance is called Scotty… they will literally play anything! The only downfall is that this is a super touristy spot and the drinks are pricy… If you can look past paying $7 for a beer then check out Broadway!



One spot I’ve been wanting to check out is a newer bar on lower Broadway called Acme Feed & Seed. We popped in for a super hungover lunch and it did not disappoint. Afterwards we headed to the rooftop for Acme’s 2nd birthday party… really nice rooftop with a good view of Broadway and the river. I bet the rooftop is bumpin at night so I’ll definitely have to check it out next time.


Acme Rooftop

For the amount of times I’ve been to Nashville I’ve never done a Pedal Tavern, which turned out to be the most fun activity. Our Pedal Tavern took us through Midtown which is a less-touristy area with cheaper drinks. Our driver, Dan, was hilarious and kept the party going with “red light socials” where everyone would take a chug when we stopped. I can’t say if the pedaling was hard or not because luckily where I sat I didn’t have to pedal.. whoops! We stopped at a tiki-themed bar first then several others on the route. Every bar had drink specials for us. I would have been fine just hanging out on the Pedal Tavern for the entire time because that was a blast! We brought our own case on the tour and every time we got back on from the bars Dan had our beers chillin on some ice in a red solo cup.. what a guy! We only had about 25 minutes in each bar which was plenty of time to chug a drink and move on to the next. I highly recommend checking out The Nashville Pedal Tavern. I would do this again with a big group or even with just one or two friends- you’re bound to have a great time no matter what.



We ended the night at a double-wide in the middle of nowhere called Santa’s Pub… for real. This was an actual trailer with Christmas-themed decor and karaoke. I felt like I was in a relative’s basement with folding tables and folding chairs. This is definitely a local spot and you probably don’t hear about Santa’s Pub unless you know someone who’s been there.

Santa's Pub

Nashville is such an easy drive from Chicago (it only takes about 7 hours) which makes it a great weekend getaway! Now that I’ve made some new bar discoveries I know where I’ll be heading next time I’m in town!


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