Bachelorette Weekend in NOLA

I have to admit, New Orleans was never top on my list of places to visit. Thankfully, my best friend Julie picked NOLA as the location for her bachelorette party weekend. New Orleans was the perfect spot for a girl’s trip!

We started the first night out wandering around Bourbon Street and getting a feel for what it had to offer. The strong smell wafting off the streets of Bourbon took some time to get used to (but did you really want to get used to that smell, anways?). Almost every bar has live music of all different genres. There’s definitely something for everyone! I, being the biggest country fan, gravitated towards what seemed to be the only country bar on Bourbon.


My favorite activity of the trip was a swamp tour! This is definitely what I expected when going to the bayou in Louisiana. The tour was so fun and the best part was we got to hold a baby gator AND bring our own drinks on board. Side note: bring a better cooler because ours broke within minutes.


When in NOLA you have to go to the famous Cafe Du Monde.. the beignets were delicious! One order includes 3 pieces which is something to keep in mind when ordering. We had leftovers for days! The line stretched far down the block and in the midst of the summer heat it was pretty brutal. Thankfully we had iced coffees to look forward to inside.

Cafe Du Monde

We took a ghost tour of NOLA because why not! The tour was fun and the highlight for me was learning about the Lalurie Mansion which was featured on American Horror Story: Coven.



I’m so happy Julie chose to go to New Orleans because it was a blast… Perfect bachelorette party location! I’d love to go back and explore the French Quarter some more. Until next time,

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