24 Hours in Paris

The first time I went to Paris was for just a short weekend excursion during my study abroad session in London. I have to admit, I was  NOT impressed with the majority of what the city had to offer. Perhaps it’s because we only visited the super touristy spots during our weekend– I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Flash forward to my time traveling as a flight attendant and I knew I had to give Paris another chance. It is the city of love so I was hoping to see what everyone else saw in the city and fall in love with Paris too. Fortunately I was given my chance to return and explore the city with a 24 hour layover.

I love working international trips because the majority of the time you arrive in the foreign city first thing in the morning  which allows for a full day of getting around town. So after a short nap I was ready to go out and see if I could fall in love with Paris. Some of my crew and I got on a hop-on hop-off bus tour. I always think these busses are the best way to see a new city. You get a brief history lesson whilst driving around town and you can take notes of where you’d like to come back and explore afterwards.

One of the first stops we made during the day was Les Deux Magots: a famous coffee shop in Saint Germain where all the great poets and writers have popped in for a coffee and pastry. The cafe is beautiful and perfect for people watching. Mind you- the food is not cheap here as Saint Germain is a very high-end neighborhood in Paris. My cappuccino ended up being about $10 but it was so good I had to have two… when in Rome, right? Whilst sipping our cappuccinos the waitstaff brought out an incredible display of desserts and pastries that was too pretty not to snap a photo of.


After our highly caffeinated breakfast we continued wandering Saint Germain stopping into every French Pharmacy… French skincare is on a completely different level from America and they have the best treats to take home.

Whilst wandering around Paris we went to Notre Dame and explored the beautiful grounds. The back of Notre Dame is ridiculous! Stunning architecture.. photos do not do it justice!! There was a wedding photo shoot going on in front of Notre Dame too- so picturesque! Behind Notre Dame there is a small island called Il Saint-Louis with some amazing boutique shopping. We then hopped back on our bus and took a ride around the Arc de Triomphe. The bus drivers tend to circle the structure several times so you can get the best views possible.

Later in the day we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. It was about dinner time so we enjoyed our picnic of baguettes, cheese and French Bordeaux… How Parisienne of us! The Eiffel Tower is just breathtaking and such a massive structure you can’t help but think about the construction of this giant. I still have not hiked the stairs to the top but I know I’ll get there one day.

I think my favorite part of exploring any new city has become admiring the architecture of all the buildings and homes. Paris is full of rooftop gardens and balconies covered in flowers and I could not get enough!

Thanks for reading about my quick adventures in Paris! I’m currently writing this post from my hotel room in downtown Seattle… I truly have the best job! I just received my China Visa so hopefully I’ll make my way to Asia in September… stay tuned!

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