Flight Attendant Adventures

Where the heck have I been lately? The fly life has kept me so busy the last few months I’ve barely had time to function. But, no complaints here as the last two months have been quite eventful. I’ve been fortunate to work a few international trips sending me to Cancun, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica and London. In the midst of working I went on mini vacations to New York City and Boston with my mother. Rule #1: When your mother has a business trip, you always crash it.

During my last month of work I met a fellow flight attendant, Michael, who is 100% on my level of shenanigans. It’s not the easiest thing to find someone else who has no problem embarrassing themselves in public like you do. Michael & I decided to film some fun videos on our layovers and the results are pretty priceless. We filmed “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus on our LAX layover and “Wannabe” by Spice Girls on our London layover. Enjoy! 🙂


In other big news: my boyfriend graduated from pharmacy school in May! Yay Joey! Stay tuned for more travel posts.. I promise I won’t make you wait two more months for another adventure update!


  1. Mia
    July 13, 2015 / 1:48 am

    Hey, I got here via your IG post on Nick Carter. I love your videos, especially the London one! I live in London and I find climbing up and descending down from those lions at Trafalgar Square to be quite hard!

    • laurensworldtour
      January 17, 2016 / 3:44 pm

      Thank you! Those lions are so hard to climb you’re right.. definitely need some pushing & pulling to get up there! Thanks for stopping by xx

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