Got North Shore?

For anyone who really knows me, I’m not the most outdoorsy girl. I’m slowly learning to get outdoors and do more nature activities… slowly. While I was in Hawaii last month with my boyfriend we decided to take part in a day tour: The North Shore Adventure Bus. We knew we wanted to do some sort of a tour but I didn’t expect to partake in such an active day.

The day started off early when our tour bus picked us up across the street from our hotel. After a few more pickup locations we were on our way to Waimea Bay. The first stop of the day was very casual and slowly eased us into things. We spent our time exploring the beach and walking along the shores. Waimea Bay is home to the famous cliff that Mila Kunis and Jason Segal jump off of in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Unfortunately that day, the waves were too high for us to jump off- as planned in our tour schedule.

Next up was the famous North Shore Pipeline, as featured in one of my favorite movies Blue Crush. We set ourselves up right next to the Billabong house and watched the surf for a while. The waves at the North Shore weren’t as high as I expected to see.. but high enough to keep me at a good distance from the shoreline!

The premium package we purchased with our tour included lunch at a shrimp shack. I have to say, this was some of the best shrimp I’ve ever had! I ordered garlic butter shrimp (naturally) and my boyfriend had coconut shrimp. The meal included rice, salad and some fresh pineapple of course!

Our lunch spot was home to our next tour stop: standup paddle boarding! I’ve always thought about trying paddle boarding but I never imagined doing it in Hawaii. After a short lesson on what to do to ensure you don’t fall over, we were off! This is the point in the tour I wish I had a GoPro because the small waterproof case I bought for my camera just did not cut it. Standup paddle boarding was amazing and not as hard as I expected.. I’m shocked I did not fall at all! This was the adventurous outdoorsy part of the tour that I would normally not elect to take part in… I’m so happy I went against my fears and tried it! The coolest part was paddle boarding right above a giant turtle.

Speaking of sea turtles, our next stop was snorkeling in the ocean with giant turtles. Because of the high tide the only giant turtle on this tour was my lone paddling companion. However, the snorkeling bit was still a good time! We snorkeled all around coal reefs (I’ve got scratches on my toes to prove it) and swam with a ton of fish.

Last stop of the day was a favorite tourist trap: The Dole Plantation. We were told we should try to pineapple ice cream… waaaay too sweet for my liking! The plantation was very picturesque and we enjoyed wandering around and taking in all the sights.

Overall the tour was very worthwhile and I’m so happy we chose it! We had a great day seeing parts of Hawaii that you can’t see just laying out at Waikiki Beach all day.

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