Where In The World Is Lauren?

The last 3 weeks have been absolutely crazy. I’ll start with Sunday, February 15th. I was called to work a 6 day international trip with 2 London layovers and one in Miami (ORD-LHR-MIA-LHR-ORD ). This trip took me by total surprise but I of course had a blast. London is my favourite city and I feel so comfortable there. I spent my time walking around the city and exploring. I cannot stress enough that I will never get sick of spending time in London. Miami was great too, but unfortunately the weather was not.

The day after landing from my 6 day international trip, I took off for Hawaii with my boyfriend, Joe. We flew to Dallas and off to Honolulu from there. This was the longest flight I’ve done as a passenger… 2 hours to Dallas then some sit time and 8.5 hours to Honolulu. Luckily we landed at 3pm Hawaii time so the day was still young. The night before we decided to go on this spontaneous trip I downloaded the free app Hotel Tonight and found a great deal for our hotel. We stayed at the Aston Waikiki Beachside in Honolulu. The hotel location was amazing, right across the street from Waikiki beach. Our short trip was full of sunshine, fresh seafood and tropical drinks.  Stay tuned for a whole post on our trip to Honolulu!

After our Honolulu getaway I was back to work. Days later I worked on one of the most fun trips I’ve had with layovers in Las Vegas and San Francisco! When you’re a flight attendant, the majority of the trips you work are with crew members that you’ve never met before and know nothing about. It’s always great when your crew is fun and ready to have a good time by exploring your layover cities. I was fortunate to have an amazing crew (hey Maimouna and Ryah!). We hit The Strip in Las Vegas (my first time!) and wandered all over. Our Las Vegas explorations ended at In-N-Out Burger, naturally. I can’t say that Vegas is my type of party scene, but I’d be willing to go back in the summer and check out the pool parties I’ve heard so much about.

The next day our layover was in San Francisco. My friend from flight attendant training, Shirley, took us out around the town. Shirley took us to Lands End, a popular local spot with an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I wish I had a proper camera with me to take better photos, but I’ll have to go back! After wandering around Haight Street we ended the evening at a restaurant called Shabu House in the Richmond area of San Fran. Dinner was a Japanese style described as Japanese beef fondue… it was incredible! I will definitely be back for more.

As you can see, the last few weeks have been quite busy for me! I am extremely fortunate that is this my job and this is what I’m busy doing! Stay tuned for a few large posts about my trip to Hawaii! Can’t wait to share everything we did with you all. Until next time…

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